Realistic Electric Fireplaces Use the Latest Technology

Are you tired of using a wood burning or gas burning fireplace? Now a new kind of fireplace is available where neither you have to use gas nor wood as a fuel and yet get the feeling of a realistic fireplace. This is a new technological innovation where normal tap water is used as a fuel and LED lights will create the visible effect that look like flame.

With this break-through new technology you can install such built in fireplaces at your home, hotels, restaurants or any multi-family complexes. Since you are not using gas, you do not need permission or safety clearance from authorities in order to install such design.

This type of fireplace is also called vapor-fire burner and can be designed to replace your existing fireplace. Here you need to use a container to refill the water and with a full container you can get a burning time of approximately 10 hours or in case you need for continuous operation then you can make a plumbing modification with the water line by incorporating a suitable overflow sensor for safety. ┬áIf you Are Looking For built in fireplaces at your home, Please Check Provided Link. More →