What are the Advantages of Hydrogen stations over traditional Gasoline stations?

Hydrogen station is the filling stations of hydrogen which is used for the operation of Fuel cell electric vehicles.  The first hydrogen filling station was set up in Iceland in 2003 as an initiative to implement the hydrogen economy. Currently, there are more than 30 hydrogen filling stations across different countries.

Zero greenhouse gas emissions

Hydrogen stations act as a fantastic environment healthy substitute for traditional gasoline stations by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Vehicles which use hydrogen as a fuel release no dangerous greenhouse emissions.

Amazing option as a renewable source of energy

Instead of relying on a non-renewable source of energy which is harmful to the environment and expensive, Hydrogen stations help in achieving a hydrogen economy which is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Pure Hydrogen is produced using hydrogen electrolyzers. The gas is stored in a buffer tank. Hydrogen electrolyzers split water into hydrogen and Oxygen. The by-product, oxygen is released to the atmosphere in most of the on-site hydrogen stations.

Cost competitive with other non-renewable alternatives

Renewable hydrogen is way cheaper than gasoline or diesel. New innovative methods to produce hydrogen such as electrolysis has proven to be cost-effective and efficient.

With the help of hydrogen compressor, hydrogen Requires less space in the storage tank

One of the earliest challenges faced by hydrogen stations is storage space for a hydrogen. Hydrogen compressors are installed in hydrogen stations to compress the low-pressure hydrogen which makes it easier to store hydrogen in storage tanks.

The electronically monitored refueling process doesn’t take much time to refuel the vehicles.

Hydrogen compressors are designed to achieve the desired pressure from 350 or 700 bar with the higher pressure giving a greater range. The hydrogen filling station uses a booster pump to make 700 bars. Refueling time at hydrogen stations hardly takes 3 to 5 minutes.

Hydrogen is safer than other inflammable fuels.

Although, hydrogen is safer than other inflammable fuels such as diesel or gasoline which we use currently. Safety devices and grounding mechanisms are installed at a hydrogen station to detect any leakage. New technology is used to hydrogen station well equipped to deal with any possible hazards.